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Wilson Audio WAMM 7 – Loudspeakers

Massimo Piantini on 9 aprile 2014 - 00:03 in Blog, Componenti, HiFi Dream, Loudspeakers

Wilson WAMM 7 foto apertura con logo

Wilson Audio WAMM 7   – Price Eur 240.000,00.....See More


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Wilson Audio WAMM 7 – Lo

Price USD 240.000,00





Wilson WAMM 7 1




 Wilson Audio WAMM 7

By John Atkinson • Posted: Jun 17, 2007

 Wilson Audio WAMM 7 . The French have a phrase for it: plus ça change, plus la même chose, which can be roughly translated as “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” I was reminded of this when recently reading through the December 1980 issue of The Absolute Sound. There on p.368 was the statement that “Dave Wilson (Virgo) has joined the staff…to construct a testing program that will allow us to determine if some of the peculiarities and anomalies we hear in evaluating equipment can indeed be numerically measured.”



Wilson WAMM 7 13



Ten years later, both TAS and Stereophile are still expending a goodly portion of their creative energy budgets toward that apparently chimeric goal. In the meantime, David Wilson, who ten years ago, that 1980 editorial entry noted, was “attempting to design a professional recording monitor system…of astronomic cost…” has become one of the major figures both in high-end loudspeaker design and in musically honest recording, as well as serving time as an influential member of the TAS reviewing staff. (I still remember with awe his herculean cartridge survey in TAS #26.)…..See more





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Hfi Unlimited

This has gotta be one of the top systems in Malaysia, in fact if my audiophile market stats are correct, this is probably top 3! What’s a million Ringgit or two? For G-Man, the owner of this system, it doesn’t matter one bit. It’s the cost no-object for pure sonic pleasures is the key agenda here.




Wilson WAMM 7 8





I’ve known G-Man for a few years now, charting along with his many upgrade courses so far. G-Man has never allowed me to feature his system before, because he was never quite satisfied with the sonic result, despite the ever larger sum of hifi investment. But, tonight I guess we’re all lucky because he is finally getting his sonic goods delivered, he is in a jolly mood and allowed me to share his toys with our readers….See more





Wilson WAMM 7 7







Sound Stage Live

Wilson Audio Specialties Factory Tour

by Marc Mickelson

Begun as an audiophile recording label, Wilson Audio Specialties migrated into making speakers because of founder David Wilson’s innate interest in designing audio products. His very first, the SM.AR.T turntable, debuted in 1973, but the transition from recordings to speakers was not a direct one. David Wilson was an audio journalist and recording engineer who made his first speakers, the original WAMM and WATT, as monitoring tools. Audiophiles heard of them, then heard them, and the road to the current Wilson Audio was paved.



Wilson WAMM 7 2





The area in the Wilson Audio factory that houses the company’s collection of artifacts from its history and its table of awards is adjacent to a listening area that features WATT/Puppy 6 speakers, Wilson Audio’s best-selling product and the current SoundStage! Network Edge of the Art award winner. It’s hard to overlook the connection between the past and present in this room, but beyond it, Wilson Audio proved to be a thoroughly forward-looking company that seemingly never rests or loses sight of its goal: making only the best loudspeakers it can……See more






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Histoty of Wilson Audio

Once he’d acquired his passion for audio, one of young Dave Wilson‘s first activities was to build a Heathkit amplifier. His enthusiasm outran his discipline, however, and as soon as he threw the power switch on his newly finished creation, the house filled with acrid smoke.



Wilson WAMM 7 5


Out of disappointment came an important lesson; from that day forward, Dave understood the value of a careful and methodical scientific process, taking one step at a time, testing and recording results. That method has been the foundation of everything Dave has done since.



Wilson WAMM 7 10


Speakers for each channel

2 woofer (modified Kef)

2 mid bass cone

1 unit for medium, with 9 electrostatic cells

2 tweeter




Wilson WAMM 7 9





Wilson WAMM 7 6



Wilson WAMM 7 14




Wilson WAMM 7 15





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