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Vivid G1Giya

Fazzini - Piantini on 24 giugno 2014 - 00:23 in Blog, Componenti, Loudspeakers, Quick Info, Video

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Vivid G1Giya



Roma Hi Fidelity 2019 -23/24 nov 2019


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Vivid G1Giya 26



Vivid G1Giya apertura


Vivid G1Giya

Che questi Vivid G1 siano diffusori originali si percepisce già al primo sguardo. Che siano anche densi di progettualità lo si capisce dalle positive recensioni che autorevoli riviste internazionali hanno stilato.
Ma cosa hanno di speciale questi strumenti per la riproduzione della musica che li rende così interessanti? Certamente il prezzo: 65.000 dollari la coppia per due diffusori da pavimento deve essere giustificato da un risultato sonico eccellente oltre cha da un progetto innovativo e da materiali all’avanguardia.


Vivid G1Giya 7
Il cabinet innovativo non lo è completamente, dal momento che il polimero usato non è una novità assoluta, e un mobile così realizzato mi fa nutrire qualche perplessità sulle risonanze generate dal materiale (fibra composita rinforzato con fibra di carbonio), nonostante la particolare forma del cabinet utile ad abbatterle. Ma anche la forma cocleare, benché nelle G1 sia in versione estremamente semplificata, è già stata proposta anni fa, con successo, dalla B&W nelle sue Nautilus. Non a caso i patron di Vivid sono Robert Trunz e Laurence Dickie, tecnici della B&W. I trasduttori superiori, tutti a bassa massa ed alta rigidità (alluminio) hanno camere separate che, come nelle Nautilus, hanno una forma conica che si va a posizionare con l’estremità nella parte posteriore del cabint.


Vivid G1Giya 2
I diffusori sono 4 vie 5 altoparlanti, con tweeter e midrange alto a cupola con magnete al neodimio, midrange basso e due woofer a cono in alluminio. Le caratteristiche distintive delle G1 sono essenzialmente tre: i woofer sono alloggiati lateralmente e contrapposti fra loro; i componenti sono tutti di ottima qualità; il sistema di accordo ha una particolare struttura.


Vivid G1Giya 8
La dinamica, la trasparenza e la ricostruzione scenica sono le caratteristiche soniche maggiormente apprezzate dagli appassionati. Sulla timbrica qualche piccola riserva è mossa al materiale che costituisce i trasduttori. L’alluminio, nonostante i grandi pregi relativi alla bassa massa che conferisce velocità e di conseguenza dinamica, ha una voce riconoscibile. L’estrema pulizia sonica è fornita a fronte di un rigore timbrico che nulla concede al fascino sonico di altri trasduttori più clementi nelle prestazioni, ma dalla voce più… accomodante.

Bruno Fazzini


Vivid G1Giya 10


Vivid Audio (web site)

Wrapped within GIYA’s distinctive shell-like appearance lies an exceptional level of engineering detail and acoustic design sophistication. Every element of the design has been refined to an extraordinary degree to produce the flagship of the Vivid Audio speaker range.

Vivid Audio GIYA G1 loudspeaker

Our definition of GIYA – a myriad of technical details skilfully combined to achieve a remarkable sense of sonic transparency and tonal naturalness together with a uniqueness of design forming its final appearance.

The GIYA G1 is Vivid Audio’s top of the range, flagship speaker. Pioneered by Laurence Dickie, the GIYA G1 is a speaker whose deep technology aims at reproducing what’s fed to it with absolute fidelity and pristine sound quality. The entire design is enspired by its function and purpose. Experts agree that this is one of the best speakers they’ve ever heard (Wes Phillips, Stereophile)…...See more



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Vivid Audio G1Giya loudspeaker
By Wes Phillips • Posted: Jul 12, 2010

Over the years that I’ve been reviewing hi-fi, I’ve had my share of loudspeakers that drew comments from everyone who visited during the audition period. Some of those comments were about the speakers’ appearance—most often about their size—and some were about how good they sounded. Vivid’s G1Giya loudspeaker ($65,000/pair), its narrow-baffled, swirling cochlear shape molded from fiber-reinforced composite, elicited more comments of both types than has any other speaker I’ve reviewed.


Vivid G1Giya 15



This started even before I got them into my living room, as Philip O’Hanlon, of Vivid importer On a Higher Note, and Stealth Audio’s Serguei Timachev, and I unpacked the Giyas from their crates on the street (while the Giyas made it safely down my front hall, the crates couldn’t). My next-door neighbor and his next-door neighbor sauntered over to see what we were doing. “Wow. Are those art or are they speakers?”
As it turned out, the G1Giya is both…..See more




Vivid G1Giya 13


The Audio Beat

Vivid Audio • G1 Giya Loudspeakers
Innovative thinking on speaker design produces a new statement in speaker sound.
by Marc Mickelson | February 9, 2010
What you will first notice about the Vivid G1 Giya speaker, even if it is pounding out the choral finale of Beethoven’s Ninth, is its shape. From the front, it resembles a bowling pin, and from the side either an elf’s cap or a dollop of frosting. It’s whimsical and elegant, just what so many of the massive speakers in its rarefied price range are not. But the Giya’s look is not for show. It’s an outward sign of some innovative engineering. The G1 Giya is a clean-sheet design — a speaker whose deep technology aims at reproducing what’s fed to it with absolute fidelity….See more




Vivid G1Giya 14
On a Higher Note

“I’ve heard some extremely expensive speakers, costing two and even three times the Vivid’s price, that can do one or two of the things the G1 Giya do so well. But I can’t think of any speaker I’ve auditioned that does everything as well as the Giyas: superb imaging, unmatched dynamic range, holographic soundstaging, and that immutable, possibly unquantifiable quality known as musicality.



Vivid G1Giya 9




Is Vivid Audio’s G1 Giya the best loudspeaker I’ve ever heard ? Yes. And it will be my yardstick from now on. Whether or not you can afford a pair, you should listen to them so that you know exactly what is possible in a high-end loudspeaker.”
Wes Phillips, July 2010 Stereophile



Vivid G1Giya 19



G1 Giya was awarded the Stereo Sound Grand Prix 2008 at the annual competition held by the “STEREO SOUND”, which is the most authoritative audio magazine in Asia. (The prize was once given to K-1).
On top of that, G1 Giya won the “GOLDEN SOUND” prize, which is given only to the best of the Grand Prix winners.

The best twenty models of the audio equipments introduced in the past year are selected as the Grand Prix winners by seven-member selection committee of expert writers and editors of the Stereo Sound.…..See more



Vivid G1Giya 17

Vivid Audio Giya G1 Speaker Review
By: Ed Momkus March 2014

A Fantasy Come True
Ohhh My God… Explosively Dynamic. Lightning Fast. Incredibly Articulate. Highly Extended. Insanely Detailed. Organically Coherent. Tonally Natural. Chameleon-like with all music. Take your pick.




Vivid G1Giya 12
I guess you can probably tell I liked the Vivid Giya G1. A lot.
Ok, let me take a pause from hyperventilating and give you some background.

A few months ago Constantine Soo gave me a call and asked: “If you had the choice of reviewing any speaker you desire, what would you choose?” What the heck do you mean by that Constantine!?! He said if I gave him a list of three speakers he’d see if he could line up a review of one of them. My brain immediately said “Whoa!”



Vivid G1Giya 16



Fast forward a few weeks later. I had reluctantly whittled down a seemingly impossible-to-reduce list to seven, called Constantine to tell him that I was seriously conflicted about which of the seven could be eliminated to take it to three finalists.



Vivid G1Giya 6



My list included several speakers I was very impressed with, including the MBL 101, Avalon Acoustics Isis, B&W Nautilus (the Nautilus), and Wilson Audio Maxx, and I thought he would help me cull the list. Instead he wanted to know why the Vivid G1 wasn’t on the list. “You’re a B&W fan, and the G1′s are designed by Lawrence Dicke, who designed the Nautilus.” I told him that the G1 was one of the high end speakers I’d neverSee More




Vivid G1Giya 18




6 Moons

When it comes to hotbeds of high-end audio, South Africa is not the first place that comes to mind. Yet this is the home of Vivid Audio, maker of beautifully curvaceous speakers, including the flagship Giya, which is available in two versions—the original G1 and the new, smaller G2 introduced at CES 2010.
Designed by Laurence Dickie, who also created the B&W Nautilus, the Giya is based on the concept of tapered-tube loading. Each driver is mounted at the mouth of an exponentially tapered tube with damping material at the far end to absorb the backwave. But unlike the Nautilus, the smaller tubes are hidden within the gracefully curved, carbon-fiber cabinet, which forms the ported tube for the woofers.


Vivid G1Giya 25


Speaking of drivers, the Giya’s are all made by Vivid—they are not outsourced as with so many other speakers. And all diaphragms are made of the same material, a magnesium/aluminum composite that is said to achieve a very high degree of coherence and linearity. The 1-inch dome tweeter, 2-inch dome midrange, and 6.5-inch cone mid-bass driver are positioned relatively close to each other with no sharp corners anywhere to diffract the sound…..See more




Vivid G1Giya 24
Vivid Audio

GIYA Introduction
GIYA is a loudspeaker system like no other. A myriad of technical details skilfully combined to achieve a remarkable sense of pistonic transparency and tonal naturalness together with a uniqueness of design forming its final appearance.
Innovative design
Their very shape is defined by proven acoustic principles taken to their logical conclusions, untethered by conventional wisdom and common construction techniques. Every element of the design has been refined to an extraordinary degree – from our patented hand-built drive units, to our advanced vacuum infused composite enclosure, to our relentless elimination of resonances and reflections.

Vivid Audio Ltd.,
3 Marlborough Rd.,
Lancing Business Park,
Lancing, West Sussex BN15 8UF,
England, UK.



Vivid G1Giya 23




Price: $65,000/pair
GIYA G1 Specifications
Configuration: 4-way 5-driver system
Cabinet: Glass reinforced balsa cored sandwich composite
HF: D26 26mm metal dome unit with Tapered Tube loading, catenary dome profile,
radially polarized super flux magnet structure & isolating compliant mount.
MID: D50 50mm metal dome unit with Tapered Tube loading, catenary dome profile,
radially polarized magnet structure & isolating compliant mount.
MID-BASS: C125S with Tapered Tube loading, short-coil long-gap motor design,
50mm copper ribbon coil on highly vented former, highly aligned chassis,
radial magnet structure & isolating compliant mount.
LF: C225 2 x 225mm metal coned units with short-coil long-gap motor design,
75mm copper ribbon coils on highly vented formers, highly aligned chassis,
radial magnet structures & reaction cancelling compliant mount
Bass loading: Exponentially tapered tube enhanced bass reflex
Sensitivity: 91dB @ 2.83Vrms and 1.0 meter on axis
Impedance (Ohm): 6 nominal, 4 minimum, low reactance
Frequency range – 6 dB points: 25 – 36,000 Hz
First D26 Break Up mode: 44,000 Hz
Frequency response (Hz): 29 – 33,000 +/- 2 dB on reference
Harmonic distortion: (2nd and 3rd) < 0.5% over frequency range
Crossover frequencies (Hz): 220, 880, 3500
Power handling (music program) watts rms: 800
Dimensions (H, W, D) mm: 1700, 440, 800
Net weight (kg): 80
Shipping dimensions (H, W, D) mm: (kg): 1807, 895, 600
Shipping mass (kg): 105















Vivid G1Giya 20




Vivid G1Giya 5



Vivid G1Giya 4





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