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Massimo Piantini on 5 aprile 2014 - 17:09 in Home



Genesis 1.2 Loudspeakers – English

by Massimo Piantini

Genesis Dragon 1 apertura con logo 2

Genesis 1.2   – Price Usd 300.000,00 .....See More

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Music Tools . Italian team for Munich High End 2014 – English

by Massimo Piantini
26 aprile 2014 - 14:27

Music Tools apertura monaco 2014 hifi time review 3Music Tools. Italian team for Monaco High End 2014

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italiano 30x  Italian version

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Diesis Audio – Munich May 15th to May – English

by Massimo Piantini
19 aprile 2014 - 15:48

Diesis audio monaco apertura con logoMunich May 15th to May

Diesis Audio is pleased to announce its partecipation at the HiFi DeLuxe  show in Munich May 15th to May 17th.

italiano 30xVersione Italiano

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Diesis Audio Ludos – English

by Massimo Piantini
10 aprile 2014 - 22:03

diesis ludos apertura con logoDiesis Audio Ludos

inglese 30pix

We present to you in the largest showroom space of Hi Fi Time, Vintage Hi Fi and Music & Art magazines, the Ludos model of entry level speakers by Diesis Audio.. ...See more

italiano 30xNella sala più grande delle riviste Hi Fi Time, Vintage Hi Fi e Music & Art presentiamo i diffusori entry level della Diesis Audio, il modello Ludos. ..…..See more


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Care Orchestra – Celestial Rose – English

by Massimo Piantini
5 aprile 2014 - 16:56

Care Orchestra Rose 1 6_tnBy: Bruno Fazzini e Massimo Piantini

Care Orchestra – Celestial Rose . We are here presenting a pair of Care Orchestra loudspeakers, model Rose, that are part of the Celestial line.………

italiano 30x Verione Italiana


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Audio Software – English

by Massimo Piantini
5 aprile 2014 - 16:47

software audio foto per facebookThe software used by the Editorial Staff

Even the best systems in the world cannot sound well if they are not fed by a high quality software.
Why we use this software.
Information and links to listen songs.

italiano 30xVersione italiana

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Thiel 2.7 – English

by Massimo Piantini
5 aprile 2014 - 15:27

thiel 2.7 foto iniziale

Thiel 2.7

By: Bruno Fazzini e Massimo Piantini

We are in the testing room of the Vintage Hi Fi Review at Sophos Hi End’s and we present a preview of the new Thiel speakers, just arrived in Italy…..

italiano 30xVersione in italiano

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Astri Audio – Aries A2 – English

by Massimo Piantini
5 aprile 2014 - 15:05

astri aries 2 bianche e nere 2

Astri Audio – Aries A2

By: Bruno Fazzini e Massimo Piantini

Aries A2 are bookshelf speakers in the true sense of the word and have a particular design: they are designed to stay placed on a flat surface in a library..………

italianoVersione Italiano


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GamuT El Superior 9 – English

by Massimo Piantini

gif 1GamuT El Superior 9

The Absolute Sound – AVguide.com
May 11th, 2010 — by Roy Gregory

For most readers, GamuT is a name more often associated with electronics, their D200 power amp attracting considerable attention when it was launched (originally as a studio product under the Sirius brand) back in 1999. What’s less well known is the company also has a good reputation for ambitious loudspeakers, like the new El Superiores 9…..

italiano 30xItalian Version


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Care Orchestra – Divina Minor – English

by Massimo Piantini
5 marzo 2014 - 14:54

Care Orchestra Divina Minor 72By: Bruno Fazzini e Massimo Piantini
Care Orchestra – Divina Minor

Care Orchestra is an Italian company that designs and produces high performance loudspeakers; therefore, it seems to us absolutely appropriate to define this company “Italian acoustical tailor” ………

italiano 30xVersone Italiano

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Tapes in HD. What are

by Massimo Piantini
5 marzo 2014 - 14:44

Tape in HD2 web

Tapes in HD, what are

By: Massimo Piantini

Why and how the digital acquisition of the music from the original tapes develops .
In the analogical age, the magnetic tape pre-recorded , has always been the nearest support to the original live execution.

italianoVersione Italiana


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Second hand, second hand, my love! – English

by Massimo Piantini
5 marzo 2014 - 14:32

usato mon amour 2By: Bruno Fazzini

Second hand, second hand, my love!

In recent years second hand Hi Fi items and especially the second hand Hi End ones have been achieving an increasing success. This is due to the fact that audiophiles carry on longing for the objects of their dreams, but only with the second hand ones they manage to fulfill their wishes….

italianoItalian version

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Krell MD-20 CD Transport

by Massimo Piantini

Krell-MD-20-5Titolo: Krell MD-20 CD Transport


Il Krell ha la collaudatissimi meccanica Philips CDM 1 mkII, che permette una ottima lettura del cd.

inglese 30pixRemember what it was like the first time you rode a bike without the training wheels?

Review By: HomeTheaterReview.com, February 14, 1992

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