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Pass Labs X350.5

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Pass Labs X350 apertura

Roma Hi Fidelity 2019 -23/24 nov 2019

Pass Labs X350.5




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Quotazione: 7000 / 9000 (List. 16.550)







Pass Labs X350.5 . Nelson Pass da sempre produce elettroniche di grande qualità. Queste sono riconoscibili per la omogenaità del suono su tutta la linea produttiva. La caratteristica di questo “family sound” sta nell’equilibrio sonico, deve non vi sono mai spigoli a accentuazioni sulle gamme. Il suono generale è trasparente, con colorazioni calde che ricordano in qualche modo la amplificazioni valvolari, senza mai però perdere il carattere degli amplificatori top a transistor.

Gli aplificatori Pass Lab hanno grande capacità di corrente e riescono a gestire con sicurezza anche bassi carichi. Questi X350 con i loro 350 W rientrano in questa linea sonora. Nonostante la grande potenza, riescono ad avere una ottima intelligibilità e una buona scansione dei piani sonori.



Pass Labs X350 vu meter




Acquistati secondo le quotazione commerciali oggi disponibili, daranno soddisfazione agli appassionati. Come tutte le elettroniche di pregio, devono essere assistite da una attenta scelta dei cavi, per non accentuare troppi quella caratteristica di “suono caldo” insito nella loro natura.

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Before becoming famous, Nelson Pass was able to work in various companies as a brilliant engineer and electronics. Many experienced audiophiles know that a lot of brands of world famous companies such as Threshold, Adcom and Nakamichi, are often precisely its development. Selling Threshold in 1991 and organizing a new company, Pass finally able to realize their revolutionary designs in production, which now bears his name. First Pass Labs has a reputation for the most innovative brand in the field of amplification. For the undisputed top achievements of the company considered the invention of schemes to enhance the dynamic class, creating the first fully cascaded amplifier and the development of Stasis amplifier in 1977 due to his long work, combining all these ideologies in a scheme was established of exceptionally bhigh quality series Xa. Pass Labs amplifiers series Alef, X and XA are honored with numerous awards and is always seen with enthusiasm by audio experts.
The next show will introduce you to one of the leaders in the Series X – uncompromising in terms of sound quality amp Pass Labs X 350.5……….



Pass Labs X350 vu meter 2




Pass Labs X350.5 Amplifier Review

By: Ray Seda | August 2010



My introduction to Pass Labs dates back to some time in the early 1990’s. Back then, there was plenty of “buzz” in the audiophile circle regarding this small solid-state amplifier that actually sounded like tubes. I eventually got to hear the diminutive monoblock amplifier running a pair of Chartwell LS3/5a’s. The all class A operation Pass Aleph 0 left that indelible impression of how far solid-state amplification had come with respect to overall musicality. Later, Pass Labs signed a local Florida dealer, and once again I felt nothing but admiration and respect for the stereo versions and future iterations of the class A amplifiers Nelson Pass was designing. They simply sounded “right” to me. That said, unfortunately I always had to admire them from afar. While the Aleph line of amplifiers were among the best sounding solid-state amplifiers I had heard, they topped out at about 150 watts per channel. They simply didn’t produce the kind of power that I needed for my electrostatic speakers. You see, I am a ‘stat man, and I have had nothing but electrostatics since the early 1990’s…………



Pass Labs X350 inside 1


X350.5 Amplifier

as reviewed by Robert S. Youman



I have a tremendous respect for Nelson Pass and his solid-state designs – specifically his amplifiers. I don’t go all the way back to his Threshold years, but I have owned the Pass Labs Aleph 0, Aleph 2, and now the X350.5. The first two are mono-block designs and the X350.5 is a single chassis stereo amplifier.


Pass Labs X350 inside 2



The big attraction for me is the synergy provided when pairing these amps with a tube preamplifier. I am one of those strange guys who insist that for my ears and my taste, there must be tubes somewhere in the system. Solid-state and tubes should be able to live in harmony. Maybe it’s the way those second order harmonics are handled by tubes. Female vocalists, saxophones, and hi-hat cymbals can be eerily real. Maybe it’s the slam and detail proved by solid state bass. Acoustic double bass, electric bass (love that P-Bass Fender sound) and drums of all types (conga, tabla, double bass, etc.) have correct texture, speed, and weight……….



Pass Labs X350 back 3





Gain (db) 26

Power Output /ch (8 ohm) 350

Power Output /ch (4 ohm) 700

Input Impedance,(Kohms) 30 / 20

Leaves Class A @ pk Watts 40

Power Consumption (W) 600

Dimensions (W x H x D) 19 x 11.2 x 22.5

Unit Weight (LBS) 132

Ship Weight (LBS) 132

Ship Weight (LBS) 150



Pass Labs X350 front




Pass Labs X350 system 4




Pass Labs X350 asystem2




Pass Labs X350 system 3




Pass Labs X350 system 1






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