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Omega Audio Concept – Video-Interview

Massimo Piantini on 30 gennaio 2015 - 00:32 in Blog, mobileREPORTER, Reviews - English, Video

Omega Audio Concept apertura


Roma Hi Fidelity 2019 -23/24 nov 2019



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Video-Interview  Omega Audio Concepts


 Video-Inteview, English version



By Bruno Fazzini
Omega Audio Concept. Bruno Fazzini introduces Renato Filippini, the designer and the creator of Omega Audio Concepts. He has come to the Hi fi Time Review testing room to present a CD player that soon will be reviewed in the pages of the online magazine. As well, he wants to talk about his products and about the design philosophy of the Omega Audio Concepts brand.



Omega Audio Concept 04


Bruno Fazzini briefly describes the company by telling that it took its first steps in the production of cables. Renato Filippini says that the philosophy of the company comes from the carrying of the signal from the source, the CD player he is going to present, and also from a separate converter. Bruno Fazzini underlines that each machine by Omega Audio Concepts has a separate power supply and a mechanical structure at the state of the art. In addition to the CD player, Omega Audio Concepts has created an integrated, a power amplifier and a pair of loudspeakers, that soon will be followed by other models.



Omega Audio Concepts 03



Now the director of  Hi Fi Time Review asks Renato Filippini to illustrate the philosophy of his company. Renato Filippini explains that the design philosophy of Omega Audio Concepts comes from the research on the carrying of the signal, and then onto dealing with the choice of materials up to their configuration. The result achieved led to a patent concerning the structure and the composition of the conductors, but especially as regards the awareness that the disturbances on the signal are mainly endogenous and not exogenous to the cable. He adds that their research has soon led to the creation of RES LEVIS in 2001: a loudspeaker with a carbon cabinet, uncoupled through an elastic suspension and an external crossover.



Omega Audio Concept 10


Bruno Fazzini asks the reason why Omega Audio Concepts wants to reach a sound result whose main features are neutrality and the respect of the signal.
Renato Filippini answers that in his opinion sound is the means that makes people of any part of the world interact, so that they can share emotions independently from their culture, language and social differences. This is why the products by Omega Audio Concepts prefer a fundamental parameter to reach the aim set (the emotion of the listening): sonic naturality. Therefore, the respect of any little shade created by the artist is very important. Otherwise, the meaning and the message the ‘artist’ wants to transmit is completely distorted. Should the creator not respect the author’s original message, it would be like watching a picture with changed colors. The perception of what the author wanted to transmit is thus altered.



Omega Audio Concepts 09


So, the absolute imperative for all Omega products is not to alter the original signal. This is why sonic neutrality and naturalness are always put first. Considerable investments are necessary to reach this, since the production techniques are demanding and all the created products must not interact with the signal passing into the circuits, but must tend towards the ‘theoretical limit’. This can be reached through machines with the maximum structural rigidity; the only way is to carve them out of one piece of rigid material such as aluminium.



Omega Audio Concept 09


Moreover, being quiet is another important aspect for the designer of Omega, both from the structural and electromagnetic point of view. This is the reason why the objects (the converter, the integrated and the power amplifier) have a separate power supply.
Now, Bruno Fazzini asks Renato Filippini to explain the meaning of Omega Audio Concepts logo. The designer answers that their logo represents their credo: a T that defines a square into which a circle and a triangle are inscribed.




Omega Audio Concept 18


The meaning of these geometrical shapes can be understood considering the project of all solid state electronics represented by a triangle enclosed within a square, where the elements of the system come to life and take shape from the sphere representing the theoretical limit. Above this, the T comes down to a hug, representing the time factor and dominating above everything since the music reproduction is an event that happens within a space-time dimension. Therefore, the scan space/time must be respected since man perceives music as harmonic time order (space-time order) and noise as harmonic time disorder (time disorder).



Omega Audio Concept 19


At this point, Bruno Fazzini invites Renato Filippini to talk about the concrete creation of these products. The designer says that Omega products are very elegant and created at the state of the art because the company considers the theoretical limit as the most important factor. In fact, when a company creates an object, its function must be taken into great consideration. This is why the cabinets made of aluminium must be as rigid as possible in order to not influence what passes inside them.



Omega Audio Concept 14



He adds that the company is presenting the DNA line, where all the cornerstones of the design philosophy of Omega Audio Concepts are present, although it is very new.
Finally, Bruno Fazzini Thanks Renato Filippini for coming and announces that soon all the products by Omega Audio Concepts will be reviewed in the pages of the Hi Fi Time Review.



Omega Audio Concept 11


L’ obbiettivo della nostra Azienda è quello di introdurre il DNA di questi concetti (“Limite Teorico” ed “Evento Spazio tempo”) con la presentazione alla rassegna Milano Hi Fidelity 2013 del nostro sistema completo composto da: elettroniche TIMELESS con l’amplificatore integrato e del lettore CDP e un convertitore, tutti appartenenti alla serie DNA . Il nuovo sistema di connessioni ELEMENTS, anch’esso nel primo livello denominato DNA poiché porta con sé tutti gli elementi costitutivi di questo sistema di connessioni. I diffusori SOUNDWAVE “Micro” sono un sistema a quattro vie sospeso elasticamente a frequenza subsonica, con la rete crossover alloggiata in cabinet separato, il quale assolve anche alla funzione di stand del sistema diffusori.

I prossimi obbiettivi di OMEGA AUDIO CONCEPTS sono orientati a migliorare ogni singolo punto del sistema di riproduzione musicale per poter sublimare sempre più la straordinaria esperienza con la Musa che ci accompagna in tutti i momenti della nostra esistenza



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