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Michell Gyrodec SE

Massimo Piantini on 30 marzo 2014 - 12:28 in Blog, Componenti, Quick Info, Turntable/Giradischi, Video

Michell Gyrodec SE 1 apertura con logo 


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Michell Gyrodec SE





Michell Gyrodec SE 1

Hifi Choice


Michell Gyrodec SE . This deck is relatively unusual these days in that it includes a full spring suspension, which in turn is rare in using springs in tension rather than compression. Compression springs tend to suffer from problems with lateral stability – squash any compression spring and it is only too ready to jump out sideways. In tension, though, they are self-aligning, the downside being that they need more space. Here they are housed in the near metal ‘towers ‘ that flank the platter, immaculately fitted to the subchassis, thanks to Michell’s famous high-precision machining. The suspension is completely undamped and can bounce for many seconds…. See more



Gyrodec SE 21


Michell Engeneering


Throughout our forty year history, we have strived to offer the very best products and service to our customers. Right from our very humble beginnings, we have set out to design and build products that offer true innovation to the audio world whilst still retaining the personal touch that was instilled into the company by our founder – the late John Michell…. See more




Gyrodec SE 19


What HiFi

Michell Gyrodec SE/TecnoArm A

Decades old, and built by one of the bastions of the UK hi-fi industry, the Gyrodec SE retains its contemporary and individual styling, and is very striking on the eye. The shining aluminium supporting columns contrast well with the black finish.




Gyrodec SE 7



Everything about this turntable stands out, from the beautifully made motor housing to the user-friendly simplicity of the push-button starter. Changing the speed is done manually, by fiddling about with the belt…See more



Gyrodec SE 14






as reviewed by Brad Morrical


In this digital age, many of my friends and colleagues view the fact that I own a high end turntable as a bit strange, at least until they hear one of their favorite jazz or rock records on my system! Analog has come a long way from what most people remember, with their toy automatic changers or cheap players from the likes of Sony and Technics. Time and again, people ask “Isn’t it inconvenient to change sides?” I reply that while it is a minor irritation, it is worth the benefit in sound quality, and besides, they are a bunch of lazy couch potatoes.


Gyrodec SE 18



Gyrodec SE 17


This usually elicits one of two responses: (1) a look of total incomprehension that says I might as well be discussing molecular biology or global financial markets, or (2) a knowing understanding between like fellows (even, occasionally, women) who value quality over quantity and convenience.


In the quest for excellence in reproduced sound, I have been living with the Michell Engineering Gyrodec SE Mk.



Gyrodec SE 6



Tech Radar

The Michell Gyro SE is a simplified version of the Gyrodek turntable that made Michell’s reputation. It doesn’t have a base or a lid, but in essence it’s the same turntable.

On this occasion, Michell decided to supply its Isolation Base in order to demonstrate what this substantial slab of acrylic on aluminium cones can do for this impressively engineered turntable.


Gyrodec SE 10


With its chrome-plated peripheral weights and circular subchassis, this is undeniably a distinctive turntable, especially in the black finish shown here. This colour option adds about £100 to the price, but the good looks more than justify the supplement….See more



Gyrodec SE 5



Spider chassis, suspended stable subchassis

Massive acrylic/vinyl platter of high inertia, with gold-plated brass weights

Inverted oil-pumping bearing

Custom arm boards available for most tonearms

High-quality standalone DC motor

Optional clamp

Optional HR supply

Optional Orbe-style platter and clamp

Optional dust cover

Finished in silver



Gyrodec SE 13



Gyrodec SE 22



Gyrodec SE 20





Gyrodec SE 8


















Gyrodec SE System 3



Gyrodec SE System 2



Gyrodec SE 15







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