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Mark Levinson No 53 monoblock amplifier

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Mark Levinson No53 7 apertura

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Mark Levinson No 53

Mark Levinson No 53 . Finali mono dalla grandissima energia sonica e dalla spiccata personalità tendente al suono chiaro e teso, per certi versi addirittura esasperatamente scarno in gamma bassa. L’articolazione di questa gamma di frequenza, però, è sempre corretta e consente di colmare quella che potrebbe sembrare una carenza ma che, nella pratica, non è altro che un estremo rigore. Ciò comporta una pulizia sonica assoluta e una gamma media che non risente minimamente di qualche coda incontrollata come succede in finali sonicamente più morbidi o che si lasciano andare di più.



Mark Levinson No53 8 front


Le prestazioni

Controllo e rigore, dunque, così da avere un suono che risulta globalmente pulito, nitido e trasparente, oltre che dinamicamente molto contrastato. Questa vivezza consente alla dinamica dei N. 53 di esprimersi ad alti livelli, anche se la mancanza di calore tende a far diminuire la sensazione di coinvolgimento.
La “tensione sonica” che si percepisce è dovuta anche alla gamma alta che nulla concede al rilassamento, fornendo un suono lucidissimo e chiaro, molto pulito ma senza la minima tinta ambrata.

Nonostante la grande ossigenazione della gamma medio-alta, però, la scena acustica non risulta entusiasmante, relegando gli artisti sul palco in un contesto troppo compresso e con esigui spazi a disposizione.



Mark Levinson No53 4



Va posta una certa attenzione agli abbinamenti con gli altri componenti dell’impianto. Suggerisco sorgenti, diffusori e cavi dalle caratteristiche soniche “rilassate” e timbricamente vellutate, per evitare il rischio, spesso in agguato con questi finali, di subire fatica d’ascolto. Se ben interfacciati, però, i M.L. N. 53 garantiranno capacità di pilotaggio, energia sonica, dinamica e rigore timbrico.

Bruno Fazzini


Mark Levinson No53 13

Hifi News

Mark Levinson No 53 . New electronics bearing the Mark Levinson badge don’t appear too often. When they do, the world of high-end audio expects them to be exemplary. In producing its first switching amplifier, the ML design team has been able to scale things down to (almost) manageable proportions. The benefits of Class D amplifiers include increased efficiency enabling greater power output while requiring less heat dissipation in smaller, lighter and more affordable packages.



 Mark Levinson No53 9


It may seem laughable, then, that ML’s first foray into designing a switching amplifier should result in a massively imposing monoblock 53cm tall and almost as deep, and weighing 62kg. But considering its power output and compared to the No33 it replaces, the No53 may be seen as relatively compact.

The No53 is not a digital Class D amplifier but employs a new take on Class D switching amplifier design using a proprietary methodology dubbed Interleaved Power Technology (IPT). This is said to eliminate ‘dead bands’ and move switching noise to beyond audibility by raising the switching frequency. It uses a massive linear power supply featuring a 2.8kVA toroidal transformer with four 47,000μF reservoir capacitors, each the size of a small beer can…. See more




 Mark Levinson No53 9a





Mark Levinson No.53 Reference monoblock power amplifier

By Michael Fremer  Posted: Dec 7, 2012

Mark Levinson founded Mark Levinson Audio Systems in 1972, but sold it, and the right to market audio gear under his own name, to Madrigal Audio Laboratories, then owned by the late Sandy Berlin, in 1984. Harman International bought Madrigal in 1995. As well as Mark Levinson, Harman’s Luxury Audio Group now also includes digital processing pioneer Lexicon, speaker manufacturer Revel, and JBL Synthesis. The Mark Levinson brand is now headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, at the Crown Audio facility, another Harman-owned brand.



 Mark Levinson No53 10




The No.53 ($25,000 each; $50,000/pair) is Mark Levinson’s first new Reference series monoblock since the No.33, way back in 1993, when Madrigal owned the company. Like other Mark Levinson products, it is manufactured at an independent facility in Massachusetts.

Although it has a switching output stage, the No.53 is not a class-D amplifier. While the original rationale for the class-D technology was its efficiency—lightweight, cool-running amps that could produce a great deal of power—the No.53 is big and heavy, resembling the No.33—and it runs warm even at idle. It weighs 135 lbs, with claimed outputs of 500W RMS into 8 ohms or 1000W into 4 ohms, 20Hz–20kHz, at no more than 0.1% total harmonic distortion….See more


Mark Levinson No53 14



Description: Solid-state, monoblock power amplifier with proprietary “class-I” output stage.

Inputs: 1 unbalanced (RCA), 1 balanced (XLR).

Outputs: 2 pairs binding posts.

Maximum output power (20Hz–20kHz, at <0.1% distortion): 500W into 8 ohms (27dBW); 1000W into 4 ohms (27dBW). Frequency response: 10Hz–20kHz, ±0.1dB.

Input impedance: 100k ohms balanced, 50k ohms unbalanced.

Voltage gain: 26.8dB.

Output impedance: not specified.

Input sensitivity: 2.89V input for full output. Signal/noise ratio: 85dB ref. 2.83V RMS (1W at 8 ohms).

Power consumption: not specified.

Dimensions: 20.9″ (530mm) H 8.4″ (214mm) W by 20.4″ (518mm) D. Weight: 135 lbs (61.2kg) net, 165 lbs (74.8kg) shipping.


Price: $50,000/pair

Price: £20,426 each

Manufacturer: Harman Luxury Audio Group, 1718 W. Mishawaka Road, Elkhart, IN 46517. Tel: (888) 691-4171. Web: harmanluxuryaudio.com.



Mark Levinson No53 3



Home Theater Review

The Mark Levinson brand has built its reputation on the shoulders of solid-state amplification. Since the brand’s inception, Mark Levinson has been known for making some of the best, most powerful, audiophile-grade solid state amplifiers the world over. Some would argue that the pinnacle of Mark Levinson’s amplifier design came in the form of their reference monaural power amplifiers, the No 33s. The No 33s were beasts, both in size and sound, and were taxing on the wallet as well. Mark Levinson has never been shy about charging a premium for their products and why shouldn’t they as well-to-do audiophiles have looked upon Mark Levinson products, like the famed No 33s, as the apex of what’s possible when you mix passion with technology. That being said, the engineers and designers over at Mark Levinson weren’t about to leave well enough alone, so they set out to improve upon perfection with the introduction of their new reference monaural amplifier, the No 53….See more




Mark Levinson No53 1


Home Theater Hifi

Mark Levinson No 53 Monoblock Power Amplifier

Written by John E. Johnson, Jr.

Mark Levinson is a state-of-the-art brand, whose products are purchased by consumers whose bank accounts are also state-of-the-art. Levinson makes no apologies for their prices, nor do they have to justify them. The axiom is simple: If you want the best, it costs a lot. The latest addition to their power amplifier line takes a huge leap from the previous designs, which were Class AB, and which usually were biased well into Class A operation. The Mark Levinson No 53 is a monoblock power amplifier that is a switching design, i.e., the output stage is operated in switching mode, but it is unique in that it interleaves eight switchers (Levinson calls it Interleaved Power Technology, or IPT) to produce a fully balanced output, at a realized switching frequency of 4 MHz…..See more




Mark Levinson No53 12



Hifi plus


by Jason Kennedy , Aug 03, 2011

The Mark Levinson website has all the usual sections alongside one called ‘gear’, click through and you get to the Harman International Merchandise Store where you can buy a number of Levinson branded garments and a small selection of golf equipment which includes the Callaway Warbird X bag. This discovery didn’t enhance the company’s image in my mind but maybe the big G is seen in a different light in the US. And I know that there are some silly names in audio but Warbird!

I would rather associate Mark Levinson the brand with the high quality engineering and muscular amplifiers that made it famous in the first place. Thankfully these characteristics still exist in the mere four products that are featured on the website, having seen at least two others in Munich last year I’m wondering why there aren’t more but rumour has it that they are not far off…..See more















Mark Levinson No53 system 4



Mark Levinson No53 system 6
Mark Levinson No53 system 5



Mark Levinson No53 system 3



Mark Levinson No53 5



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