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Kiseki Blue N.S.

Massimo Piantini on 1 aprile 2014 - 23:31 in Blog, Cartridges/Testine, Componenti, Quick Info, Video

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Kiseki Blue N.S.


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Kiseki Blue Goldspot Phono Cartridge

By Dick Olsher • Posted: Feb 13, 2014

Kiseki Blue N.SKoetsu. Kiseki. Keebler. Products from all of these firms are shrouded in at least a bit of mystery. Do I believe that Koetsu cartridges are hand-built by an octogenarian samurai swordsmith, or that Kisekis are imported from the planet Vulcan, or that Keebler’s cookies are baked by elves? Not really. But it does help to liven up the domestic audio scene.

“Look, son—see what Scottie just beamed down.”


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“Gee, Dad, it’s big and blue with a gold spot on the front, and it kind of looks like a cartridge.”

“Nice guess, son. No ordinary cartridge, this one. Let me tell you about the Vulcan analog freak in Hong Kong…”

At its asking price of $700, the Blue Gold brings up the rear in the Kiseki lineup (footnote 1). However, don’t mistake this cartridge for a halfhearted effort to fill in an attractive price point. It’s well built; with a body machined from a solid block of aluminum/magnesium alloy, it looks as if it could easily withstand a trip into outer space.



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The cantilever is similar in concept to that of the Sumiko Virtuoso DTi, although less expensive materials are used: a boron deposit overlaying an aluminum rod. The low mass of the aluminum rod maintains a low stylus-tip mass, while the boron layer stiffens the rod and provides damping for resonances in the aluminum….. See more



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Kiseki Blue N.S.

Nuova versione della celebre testina MC  Kiseki.

Corpo in lega d’alluminio, lungo 25 mm

Cantilever in Boro da 0,28 mm di diametro

Stilo: diamante 0,12 x 0,12 “nude-line  contact”, lucidato a specchio. Raggio della punta dello stilo: 5 x 120 μm

VTA: 20 gradi

Bobina in ferro puro

Peso: 10 g

Tensione in uscita: 0,44 mV a 5 cm/s

Impedenza interna: 40 ohm

Risposta in frequenza: 20 Hz – 25 kHz @ ± 1 dB

Bilanciamento di canale: 0,4 dB

Separazione di canale: 35 dB @ 1 kHz

Capacità di tracciatura a 315 Hz con una forza di tracciatura di 2,4 g: 80 μm

Conformità dinamica: 16 μm/mN

Blu / Oro – 1.950 €

Usato eur 700-900


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