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Gryphon Poseidon – Loudspeakers

Massimo Piantini on 7 aprile 2014 - 21:52 in Blog, Componenti, HiFi Dream, Loudspeakers, Video

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Gryphon Poseidon – LoudspeakersPrice Usd 185.000,00.....See More


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By: Bruno Fazzini e Massimo Piantini

Gryphon Poseidon

Price Usd 185.000,00


Sound and Vision

Gryphon Poseidon . Since 1985, Danish Gryphon Audio Designs has been well-regarded for its high-end audio electronics. But in the last decade, the company has expanded its portfolio to include speakers as well, foremost among which is the mighty Poseidon.

Each audio channel is served by two towers standing 6.5 feet tall. The bass module includes eight 8-inch drivers in a sealed cabinet with a built-in 1000W power amp that provides sophisticated Q Control circuitry to fine-tune the bass response to the room. Handling the mids and highs, the other tower includes four 5-inch midbass drivers (two at the top and two at the bottom) and four 5-inch midrange drivers flanking a ring-radiator tweeter in the center……See more


Gryphon Poseidon SYSTEM 12


Sound Stage Global

Written by Jeff Fritz

King of the Gryphons: The Pendragon Loudspeaker

It was 2004 when I first heard the Gryphon Poseidon four-tower loudspeaker system (then $130,000 USD per pair). I was the first reviewer in the world to hear that speaker, as I traveled to Gryphon’s home in Denmark for just that purpose after that year’s Munich-based High End show in Germany (at that time, High End was held in Frankfurt). That listening session was an experience not to be missed — the sound I heard that day left quite an impression. I remember coming away from that visit thinking that Gryphon had accomplished a remarkable feat: a company known mostly for its exceptional electronics had successfully transitioned into the realm of the super speaker. That does not happen very often…. See more


Gryphon Poseidon 3

Gryphon Audio





Gryphon Poseidon 4 woofer


Gryphon Poseidon 5



Sound Stage Live

Gryphon Audio Designs Factory Tour

by Jeff Fritz

There are few companies in high-end audio that project more of their founder’s personality than Gryphon Audio Designs. Years of attending and reporting on the High End show in Frankfurt — and as of this year, Munich — have resulted in numerous meetings with Flemming Rasmussen, the designer of all the Gryphon products and co-owner of the company. Each time we met, the tall, imposing man was dressed in black from head to toe, yet he was affable in his demeanor. It is not by happenstance that this persona has been transferred to Gryphon’s products. In fact, the massive black acrylic-and-aluminum Antileon Signature amplifier that recently spent time in my system could be the electronic incarnation of Mr. Rasmussen himself. The design flair that you see in the Gryphon components is quite distinct, as is their sublime sound…… See more



Gryphon Poseidon SYSTEM 10


Data Sheet

Technical data for Poseidon Amplifier


Input impedance, RCA input: 20 Kohm, DC-20000 Hz.

Input impedance, XLR input: 40 Kohm , DC-20000 Hz.

Power Amplifier section:18 Sanken power transistors pr. unit.

Power Supply Capacity pr. unit: 180.000 uF

Output impedance: 0,0095 ohm, DC-20000 Hz.

Bandwidth (-3dB): 1 – 250KHz

Gain (Power amp.): 32dB

Output power (rms): 1000W @ Poseidon drivers

Peak to peak current :126 A



Gryphon Poseidon SYSTEM 3



Analog signal processing:

Volume range: -100 to +8 dB in 0,5 dB steps

Low-cut, (optional): 16Hz, 2. Order

Low-pass filter: 2.order with additional correction

Q settings

Q1 (Green indication on front):FL = 21Hz, Q total system =0,30

Q2 (Red indication on front): FL = 21Hz, Q total system =0,35

Q3 (Orange indication on front) : FL = 21Hz, Q total system = 0,40



Gryphon Poseidon SYSTEM 11


Poseidon Speaker system – performance:

Frequency response:16 Hz – 40 kHz +/- 3db.



Bass:Active : xlr/RCA in. 1 v – full output

Speakers: 8 Woofer – 8 Mid. – 1Tw

High Frequency Tower:Passive : 94 db 1 Watt

Bass tower dimensions:W: 34cm D: 73 cm H: 199 cm

High Frequency Tower:W: 8 Mid. 1Tw 22cm D:45 cm H: 199 cm

Shipping weight: Total ( 5 wood crates ) 900 Kgs



Gryphon Poseidon SYSTEM 10




Gryphon Poseidon SYSTEM



Gryphon Poseidon SYSTEM 7



Gryphon Poseidon SYSTEM 8



Gryphon Poseidon SYSTEM 5



Gryphon Poseidon SYSTEM 6



Gryphon Poseidon SYSTEM 2



Gryphon Poseidon 2



Gryphon Poseidon SYSTEM 13






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