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Gryphon Kodo – Poseidon – Loudspeakers – Video

Massimo Piantini on 1 ottobre 2017 - 21:50 in Video

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Gryphon Kodo – Poseidon – Loudspeakers – Video








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Gryphon Poseidon

Price Usd 185.000,00

Sound and Vision

Gryphon Poseidon and Kodo . Since 1985, Danish Gryphon Audio Designs has been well-regarded for its high-end audio electronics. But in the last decade, the company has expanded its portfolio to include speakers as well, foremost among which is the mighty Poseidon.

Each audio channel is served by two towers standing 6.5 feet tall. The bass module includes eight 8-inch drivers in a sealed cabinet with a built-in 1000W power amp that provides sophisticated Q Control circuitry to fine-tune the bass response to the room. Handling the mids and highs, the other tower includes four 5-inch midbass drivers (two at the top and two at the bottom) and four 5-inch midrange drivers flanking a ring-radiator tweeter in the center……See more




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