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Gato Audio DIA-250 Integrated Amp/DAC

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Gato Audio DIA-250 foto aperturaGato Audio DIA-250 Integrated Amp/DAC

Gato Audio DIA-250 , è stato progettato e costruito con gli ingressi digitali, per combinare tecnologia……….

The Gato Audio DIA-250 Integrated Amplifier with digital inputs is designed and built to a vision of combining technology, power, sonic performance, connectivity, versatility, stunning looks and compact design…….

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L’ audio DIA -250 è l’Amplificatore Integrato Gato, è stato progettato e costruito con gli ingressi digitali, per combinare tecnologia, potenza , prestazioni sonore, connettività, versatilità , look mozzafiato e design compatto.



Gato Audio DIA-250 13


Class – D per musica analogica

L’amplificatore Gato Audio DIA-250  offre uno stadio di uscita in Class- D con alimentatori switching dedicati e ottimizzati.

L’amplificatore di potenza a fase multipla, è costruito con la tecnologia collaudata da International Rectifier , ottimizzata con una preciso oscillatore e modulatore PWM ad alta frequenza. Transistor MOS – FET , con bassa resistenza, assicurano un alta frequenza di commutazione, con la minor perdita possibile. I filtri di uscita, realizzati con condensatori PP di alta qualità e bobine DCR , converteno i segnali ad alta potenza PWM per restituire un segnale analogico pulito e con alta trasparenza.



Gato Audio DIA-250 12

Più che un amplificatore
Il convertitore D / A offre prestazioni reali di fascia alta , sia per mezzo dell’ alimentatore dedicato , sia per il cip Burr – Brown PCM1794 D / , attimizzato per grande larghezza di banda “I/V converter”, ed infine anche per lo stadio analogico con filtri passa-basso un basso – Q . Tutti gli ingressi digitali sono sovracampionati a 24bit/192kHz. Questo convertitore D / A ,aggiornerà qualsiasi sorgente digitale – come lo streaming via cavo o la wireless dal computer o CD – a un livello di fascia alta, incrementando il dettaglio e le performance musicale .



Gato Audio DIA-250 11

Nella progettazione di questo amplificatore, abbiamo focalizzato i nostri sforzi sulla versatilità e la connettività. Il DIA -250 non solo offre una vasta gamma di ingressi analogici e digitali , ma anche un uscite di linea , un segnale di trigger per amplificatori di potenza esterni , e un ingresso home theater configurabile . L’ingresso HT, può trasformare l’amplificatore in un amplificatore di potenza da usare in una configurazione surround, senza però compromettere le prestazioni sonore .




Gato Audio DIA-250 9




The Gato Audio DIA-250 Integrated Amplifier with digital inputs is designed and built to a vision of combining technology, power, sonic performance, connectivity, versatility, stunning looks and compact design.

Class-D with smooth analogue music

The DIA-250 amplifier offers a state of the art Class-D output stage with dedicated and optimized switch mode power supplies. The multiple stage power amplifier is built around proven technology from International Rectifier, optimized with a precision high frequency oscillator and PWM modulator. A pair of precision switching MOS-FET transistors, …..



Gato Audio DIA-250 8



More than just an Amp

The built-in D/A converter offers real high end performance, enabled by the use of a dedicated power supply, a balanced-drive Burr-Brown PCM1794 D/A converter, an optimized high bandwidth I/V converter, and an analogue stage with low-Q, low pass filters. All digital inputs are upsampled to 24bit/192kHz…….

Versatility and Connectivity

We had our eye on versatility and connectivity when designing this amplifier. The DIA-250 offers not only a wide range of digital and analogue inputs, but also line outputs, a trigger signal for external power amplifiers, and a configurable home theater input……

Review component retail in Europe: €4.250


Gato Audio DIA-250 1



Tone Audio


Gato Audio DIA-250 Integrated Amp/DAC A Danish Triumph of Style and Function

By Jeff Dorgay

Part of the mission here at TONEAudio has always been to remain on the lookout for magnificent hi-fi gear that not only performs well but is also a piece of visual art able to blend into any décor. Gato’s amplifiers caught my eye at this year’s Munich show, where I met importer Michael Kelly (of Aerial Acoustics), who was very proud of Gato’s latest creations. And lovely they are.


Gato Audio DIA-250 2



Hailing from Denmark, the DIA-250 features a small form that is remarkably able to contain a 250-watt-per-channel Class D amplifier and a 24-bit/192-kHz DAC, doing so at a very reasonable price of $4,500. Those requiring more power can step up to the DIA-400, which offers 400 wpc and has an MSRP of $6,000.

With ease and precision, the DIA-250 implements Class D amplification and upsampling signal conversion—two technologies that are big personal preferences of mine. It also provides major input and output flexibility to allow your system to grow, should the need arise. With a pair of balanced and XLR analog inputs to go along with USB, TOSLINK and S/PDIF digital inputs, the DIA-250 is a fantastic system hub. It also includes balanced and RCA variable outputs for those requiring an additional power amplifier or amplified subwoofer. HT bypass is also included for those needing to make the DIA-250 part of a multichannel setup, a feature sometimes overlooked……




Gato Audio DIA-250 interno 2




Hifi Wigwam

Gato Audio DIA-250 Integrated Amplifier with DAC

By James Palmer on 20/09/2013


The truth is I’ve been struggling to write this review, the problem is not that I don’t like it, or that I want to phrase any of it’s short comings carefully; no, the problem is that I am struggling to put into words the unique sound this amp produces. I don’t say “unique” lightly. And I don’t say it in a negative way either.

I’ve heard a lot of amps since we started reviewing kit, the ones I liked you can read about here, the one’s I didn’t like were returned un-reviewed. But it’s fair to say that of the ones I liked it would often be hard to pick them blind. Certainly there are differences, but an identifiable character? Not often. However where the Gato is concerned I think I could take a double blind test with this and I reckon I could pick it from the crowd. Let me (try to) explain why…



Gato Audio DIA-250 interno 1





Output power 2x 250 W / 8 Ω – 2x 500 W / 4 Ω
Frequency response 20 Hz-20 kHz – 0.5 dB, and 2 Hz-70 kHz – 3 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0,01% at rated power
Signal to noise ratio < 102 dB
Line out maximum level 13V balanced, 6,5V unbalanced
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0,001% pre out
Input impedance 20 kΩ RCA or 40 kΩ Balanced
Line output impedance 75 Ω
Voltage gain 26 dB (+10 db headroom)
Recommended speaker load 4 -16 Ω




Gato Audio DIA-250 system





Balanced analogue inputs 1 pair gold plated XLR Neutrik
Unbalanced analogue inputs 2 pairs of gold plated RCA Stereo
Digital inputs 1 pc USB type B, 1 pc Toslink, 1 pc RCA
Balanced analogue outputs 1 pair gold plated XLR Neutrik
Unbalanced analogue outputs 1 pair of gold plated RCA Stereo
Speaker output 2 pairs of gold plated safety banana
Trigger, 12 V 1 pc mini jack




Gato Audio DIA-250 7




Size & Power

Power Requirements 115 VAC/230 VAC, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 1000W max
Power consumption stdb/idle/max < 1W/23W/1000W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 325 x 105 x 420 mm / 12.8 x 4.1 x 16.5″





Gato Audio DIA-250 10











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