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Diesis Audio Ludos – English

Massimo Piantini on 10 aprile 2014 - 22:03 in Blog, Reviews - English

diesis ludos apertura con logoDiesis Audio Ludos

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We present to you in the largest showroom space of Hi Fi Time, Vintage Hi Fi and Music & Art magazines, the Ludos model of entry level speakers by Diesis Audio.. ...See more

italiano 30xNella sala più grande delle riviste Hi Fi Time, Vintage Hi Fi e Music & Art presentiamo i diffusori entry level della Diesis Audio, il modello Ludos. ..…..See more












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Diesis Audio Ludos


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Diesis Audio Ludos . We present to you in the largest showroom space of Hi Fi Time, Vintage Hi Fi and Music & Art magazines, the Ludos model of entry level speakers by Diesis Audio. Some months ago we already talked about the superior model, Aura, and at a first glance we notice that also these smaller loudspeakers have the same design structure: dipole for the lowest range and horn for the higher one. As usual for Diesis Audio products, components are of an excellent level, even though the shape of the horn and the size of the transducers for middle and low frequencies change.


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The Ludos are dipole and two-and-a-half-way speakers and have a very elegant design created by a team of architects. Thanks to their smaller size compared to Aura, the Ludos can be more easily placed in our room.



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Technical description

The structure is in Clad 58, a cement-like material, extremely rigid and inert, covered with eco-friendly leather. Different finishings are available. 

The horn tweeter is a 45mm driver with 1- inch throat; it has a generous-sized magnet with a sensitivity well over 91 dB and a 6 Ohm impedance. The horn, in PET (Polyethylene terephthalate, a polymer resin), is machined from a billet and then lackered



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The two midwoofers have the same size, showing very solid baskets. Drivers are fixed directly on the front panel with long screws. Cones are made of paper, with a folded paper suspension and with a 10 inch diameter. They have an excellent resistance in power and a considerable sensitivity. The crossover has top-quality components; bobins can be seen in air and capacitors are top- grade. Solid terminals accept both fork and banana shaped terminals.




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The system used for testing.

The speakers tested were inserted in a very articulated system, including two sources, an analogical one consisting of an Avid  turntable model Diva and  a MC cartridge by Ortofon that passes the signal to the top range pre Phono Cary Audio. Our Interface model Reference is the digital source that passes the signal in file format to two different converters, a Restek mini PLA and a CIAUDIO model VDA 2 with separated supply. Then, the signal passes to a preamp Burmester model 011 and a tube preamp  Manley. A small but lovely Spectral DMA 50, a very honest Bryston 3B SST and a refined Plinius SB 301 (all solid state) have been our power amplifiers; as for tube amplifiers, a Cary Audio CAD 120. Sophos Junctio cables.  .




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The listening test.

Thanks to the electronics available in our testing room, we could put the Ludos in the best working conditions.

The first impression is that these speakers can be easily controlled by any type of amplifiers, both tube and solid state. This leads to a fluid sonic expression providing an excellent dynamic impact and a condition of live listening, in addition to a sensation of great presence.




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The timbre of the Ludos highlights a high range that, thanks to the horn tweeter, is present and lively, but not extremely exuberant despite the first impression given by the horn driver. The mid frequencies demonstrated characterize the whole sound spectrum, which gives excellent results in tying into the low range. The latter seems very well controlled, fast and deep, to the point the dipole structure can reach.

However, having managed to combine the dipole reproduction with the horn one in a happy union is perhaps the most important characteristic of these speakers. Thanks to this, while listening, there is the opportunity for profound involvement. The correct combinations of the electronics are essential to make these Diesis express their best.




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The Ludos give their best with acoustic and live recordings, but also with more demanding musical genres these speakers never deceive, always giving extremely involving listenings, with a great ambiance and a very credible reconstruction of the acoustic scene. With some attention in the placement, distancing them from lateral walls and from the rear one will be sufficient to reach outstanding results. Despite the size, that is not just typical of minispeakers, the Ludos can disappear making space exclusively to a fresh reproduction.


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Finally, from the aesthetic point of view, like all Diesis, these speakers present such a refined design and such an original  style that it is impossible to not have them in our listening rooms.



For information:





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Il software usato dalla Redazione


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