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Accuphase E 260 Integrated amplifier

by Bruno Fazzini

Omega Audio Concept – CDP Timeless

by Bruno Fazzini

Dan D’Agostino Momentum monoblock power amplifier

Dan D'Agostino Momentum apertura

Dan D’Agostino Momentum – monoblock power amplifier – Price $ 55.000,00 /pair .....See More

inglese 30pix

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Boulder 3050 Monoblock Amplifiers

by Fazzini - Piantini

Boulder 3050 18 apertura 3

Boulder 3050 Monoblock Amplifiers  – Price $ 205,000 per pair (including granite bases) .....See More


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Allnic T1500 300B Integrated Amplifier

EAR 912 Yoshino preamplifier

PrimaLuna DiaLogue Three preamplifier

by Fazzini - Piantini

Mark Levinson No 53 monoblock amplifier

by Fazzini - Piantini

Audio Note GakuOn Monoblock – Power Amplifiers

Audio Note Gaku-On 1 apertura con logo

Audio Note GakuOn Monoblock Power Amplifiers – Price Usd 265.000,00 .....See More


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Mcintosh C 50 Preamp

by Fazzini - Piantini

Kiseki Blue N.S.

Michell Gyrodec SE

Electrocompaniet ECI 3 – 2° parte: Analisi Tecnica

by Fulvio Chiappetta

Nagra VPA Power Amp Mono 50W Classe A

Mcintosh Mc 302 – 2x300W

Conrad Johnson Nuovi finali da DML Audio

Gato Audio DIA-250 Integrated Amp/DAC

by admin_hifitimereview.com

Gato Audio DIA-250 foto aperturaGato Audio DIA-250 Integrated Amp/DAC

Gato Audio DIA-250 , è stato progettato e costruito con gli ingressi digitali, per combinare tecnologia……….

The Gato Audio DIA-250 Integrated Amplifier with digital inputs is designed and built to a vision of combining technology, power, sonic performance, connectivity, versatility, stunning looks and compact design…….

English Versioninglese 30pix

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Mark Levinson N.38

by Bruno Fazzini

foto 1200pix modello hifi time reviewTitolo: Mark Levinson N.38

Mark Levinson N.38 , elettronica del leggendario costruttore americano che, realizzata nel 1993, ha ancora molte cose da dire in fatto di preamplificazione e di come trattare un segnale audio….

By John Atkinson • Apr 24 2009

Even as Robert Harley was writing his Stereophile review of the $3995 Mark Levinson No.38 remote-controlled line preamplifier …..


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Plinius SA 103

by Bruno Fazzini

Plinus SA 103 aperturaTitolo: Plinius SA 103

Plinius SA 103 Raffinato finale neozelandese dalla grana finissima e dal grande equilibrio timbrico……
ingleseBy Erick Lichte– Apr 12, 2011

So if reviewers are just audio gigolos, how do we know when we have really and truly fallen in love—not lust—with a product? During my time with the Plinius SA-103…..


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Pass Labs XP 10 – Preamp

Pass Labs XP 10 apertura logoTitolo: Pass Labs XP 10 – Preamp

Pass Labs XP 10 – Preamp ,  con la sua livrea satinata argento e la sua grossa manopola….
ingleseBy: Ray Seda | July 2011

Pass Labs has been on quite a successful journey with their ‘X” and ‘XA’ Series power amplifiers…


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