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Care Orchestra – Celestial Rose – English

Massimo Piantini on 5 aprile 2014 - 16:56 in Blog, Reviews - English

Care Orchestra Rose 1 6_tnBy: Bruno Fazzini e Massimo Piantini

Care Orchestra – Celestial Rose . We are here presenting a pair of Care Orchestra loudspeakers, model Rose, that are part of the Celestial line.………

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Care Orchestra – Celestial Rose


Video Review




Care Orchestra – Celestial Rose . We are here presenting a pair of Care Orchestra loudspeakers, model Rose, that are part of the Celestial line. This pair is the most recent of the Divina Minorthat we presented last month. These are also stand loudspeakers, with good quality components and a different cabinet, and still have a lovely aesthetic design.



Care Orchestra Rose 1 7_tn



The structure of the unit of the Rose is purposely rounded and well connected to the rear part. The cabinet is very rigid and dull, created in MDF with internal inserts in larch and the internal acoustic absorber is made of cork and polyurethane ashlar. The structure is well finished; in the video you can see a silver metal flaked finishing, but all the colors of the RAL scale are available.



Care Orchestra Rose 1 12_tn



The technique

The Rose are a two-way stand with the rear connection hole placed in an offset position and come with a pair of excellent connectors for the power cable. These loudspeakers are thought to be placed in small-sized rooms, since the transducer for low frequencies has a small diameter and is inserted in a contained working volume. Consequently, the response in low frequency will be limited. The crossing between the midwoofer and the tweeter is well made and is placed slightly under 3,000 Hz.




Care Orchestra Rose 1 5_tn



A dome Vifa tweeter in a very good quality textile and neodymium magnet and a 12 cm treated paper midwoofer of the Prestige series of Seas was used to produce this two-way. The loudspeakers have a specular symmetry, with the unit that, if you see it from the side, it looks like a truncated pyramid, so as to reduce the resonances to the minimum.



Care Orchestra Rose 1 10_tn



The components of the cross over have high level condensers and resistances; Care Orchestra did not economize on either the cross over or the transducers. The internal cables are of high quality as well; specifically they are Van den Hul in OFC silver plated copper.




Care Orchestra Rose 1 3_tn




We thought it interesting to mark the main differences between the two stand models of this Italian company. They perform differently and also have different prices, which depend on different components: the respective tweeters are similar, but their woofers, the cabinets and the rear connectors are quite different. The unit of the Divina Minor, despite its higher structural simplicity, has a considerable deafness, more litres and an extraordinary elegance.



Care Orchestra Rose 1_tn



The system used for testing

The digital source is Intarface model AV-Analog provided with a converter that takes files from external HD. Then, the signal passes to an integrated solid state, the Bladelius model Tyr of 120 watt per channel, that alternates with a tube integrated, Almarro, model A318A of low power (18 watt per channel) but fits our test. Finally, we also adopted an analogic source for the comparison between analogic and digital.




care orchestra system



The listening test

The listening test takes place in the smallest room of the Vintage Hi Fi Club, because these loudspeakers, due to their design, are fit for small rooms. The musicality of these loudspeakers led us to the following considerations. The first concerns combinations: given the timbre setting of the tweeter we have seen that the Rose prefer transparent voice and strong width in the high range. A timbre direction can be given by the choice of the cables, that should be easily set up. Since for the interior Van den Hul silver plated copper cables have been used, it could be possible to keep on using them for the exterior as well.



Care Orchestra Rose 8_tn



These considerations are due to the fact that we perceived an always relaxing and never biting sound in high range.


Care Orchestra Rose 1 11_tn



The Rose are ideal loudspeakers to reproduce trios and quartettes, of jazz, rock and classical music, and since they are thought to give their best in acoustic ensembles, they have the prerogative to have a globally neutral timbre, with a light preference for mid range. The latter results to be warm, mellow and fascinating. This parameter was very much affected by the alternation between the tube and the solid state. This demonstrates the quality of the product. Due to their modest sensitivity (84,5 dB), the dynamics need a certain power supply to be expressed at their best. Care orchestra recommends a prudent value of maximum 60 Watt per channel, but we have seen that using an integrated of 120 watt per channel, the physycal dimensions of the loudspeakers disappear and a really involving soundstage is recreated. The full woofer potential allows for dynamics to be expressed in a very convincing way.



Care Orchestra Rose 1 14_tn



The scene reconstruction takes advantage of the same, while the instruments are well placed on the stage; the voice is correctly focused (speakers should be carefully placed) and all the performers are easily distinguishable.



Care Orchestra Rose 15_tn




The Celestial Rose are surely quality loudspeakers, with a sonic personality that must be supported by the correct combinations of electronics and cables. They are thought for small rooms and they are ideal for the reproduction of classical music. Thanks to their silky and not tiring sonic setting they will give to the user who is looking for a product of refined Italian acoustic tailoring long and pleasant listening experiences.



care orchestra system particolare 11



The Audio System


foto Interface AV web
Interface AV – See more
File Player


sansui TU 838
Sansui TU 838 – See “Shop”
Vintage Turntable


Almarro 318 B – 2x18w – See “Shop”
Power Amplifier


Almarro A318A
Bladelius Tyr – 2x120w – See “Shop”
Power Amplifier



Care Orchestra Minor Ambiente 72



The software used by the Editorial Staff


software Sera Una Noche - MAA Records
Title: Serà una noche
Format: 16Bit-44.1KHz (Musica Liquida)(Audio File)
Label: MA Recordings
See more
Acoustic quartet +man’s voice. Real timbre of wind and string instruments. Bandoneon of real dimensions.Track 2: bass clarinet on the left, great refinement extreme bass. Well reconstructed central voice.Track 12: Solo Bandoneon, big space and timbre clearness.
Software frank sinatra front

logo play track

Title: Sinatra Swings
Performer: Frank Sinatra
Format: Tape in HD 24Bit-96KHz (Musica Liquida)(Audio File)
Label: Max Research
See more
Voice and orchestra (Frank Sinatra)Characteristics: voice in evidence, present and clear.
Software music vhfc La linea del sur
Title: La linea del Sur
Performer: Reneaud Garcia-Fons
Format: 16Bit-44.1KHz (Musica Liquida)(Audio File)
Label: Enja Records
See more
TRACK 1: La linea del sur. Articulation of the bass and mid-bass; enchanting dynamics by the bandoneon and the flamenco guitar; structure and disposition of the instruments.
Audiophile Male Voice '2007
Title:Audiophile Male Voice ‘2007 P
Performer: VA
Format: 16Bit-44.1KHz (Musica Liquida)(Audio File)
See more
Well defined and refined central voices, never sharp. Exact general timbre and natural and precise accompaniment of the instruments.
software maxre dl022logo play track
Title:Iles Flottantes
Performer: Andrea Ceccomori – Laura Vinciguerra
Format: 16Bit-44.1KHz (Musica Liquida)(Audio File)
Label: Max Research
See more
Duo: flute (left), harp (right). Present and real timbre of the flute. Detailed harp with a great micro contrast. Ambiance: small unreflective church.Track 5: harp plucked with decision, impressive. Flute: the sound spreads and is characterized by the sweetness of the emission.



Care Orchestra Piedistallo Minor 3 72




care orchestra divina minor woofer Coperture




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