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Best Recording – Platinum Level

Massimo Piantini on 26 maggio 2018 - 16:03 in Best Recording

Roma Hi Fidelity 2019 -23/24 nov 2019

Best Recording – Platinum Level


Platinum Level

contiene  quelle registrazioni che assommano ai massimi livelli le 3 caratteristiche sopra indicate. Vi si trovano album di riferimento assoluto e saranno un numero estremamente piccolo rispetto a ciò che si trova sul mercato.

Platinum Level (it contains those recordings that present the three mentioned characteristics at the highest levels). You can find in it a restricted number of albums that represent real points of reference respect to what the market offers.


Elenco Alfabetico – Alphabetical list


15th Hi-End Hi-Fi 2005 PP

30 Years’ Fidelity PP

Anouar Brahem Trio – Astrakan Cafe (2001) ECM PP

Arne Domnérus & Gustav Sjökvist – Antiphone Blues (1976-1994) HDtracks 24- 88.2 PP

Arve Henriksen – Cartographty (ECM) (2008) (24bit-96kHz) Jazz PP

Audiophile Reference I – Classical Music PP

Bach – Goldberg-Variationen – A.Staier clv PP

Barb Jungr – Love Me Tender    (Linn 2005)    24-96) PP

Camerata Iberia – Canciones y bailes de la Espana Renacentista PP

Denon Demo Disc – Sonic Boom (24bit-96-192kHz) pp

DL033 FALCIONI G.  FALCIONI A. – Horn and Organ Recital – Blue Moon-Max Research

DL041 2496 Taka’s Question Blue Moon-Max Research

Epidauro HD 24-96 PP


George Coleman, Mike Stern, Ron Carter, Jimmy Cobb – 4 Generations Of Miles (2002) [24-96]

Grunen – Pith and Twig (2014, Clean Feed CF311CD) PP

HarmOrgan – Sigmund Groven, Iver Kleive 24-96. 2010 (Studio Master 24bit 96kHz stereo) PP

Horenstein Ensemble – Tempelhof 2011 (Audiophile 192kHz-24bit) PP

HRx 59 Age of Swing

Jen Chapin – ReVisions Songs of Stevie Wonder 24-96 PP

Jon Balke, Amina Alaoui – Siwan (2009) [24-96] PP


Karen Knowles – Moonglow PP

Keith Jarrett – J. S. Bach Goldberg Variations (1989) ECM 1395 PP

Kenny Wheeler – Songs for Quintet    (ECM 2013-2015)  96-24 PP

Kent Poon – Audiophile Jazz Prologue III (2009) [Studio Master (24bit96kHz)] PP3

Knox v.la, Vesterman v.llo, Lemêtre perc. – Saltarello (ECM 2009) 16-44 PP

Kodo – Heartbeat Drummers of Japan PP3

La Guitarra Española – The Music of Santiago de Murcia (Studio Master 88 24-88.2.2kHz  24bits) PP

Manger, Musik wie von einem anderen Stern (2001) PP

Pat Metheny – What”s It All About (2011)  2-LP-24.96

PRIMUS EX APOSTOLIS – Ensemble Weltgesang – Fone da SACD m PP2

Prince Consort – Ned Rorem PP




Savall – Esprit d”Armenie –  J.Savall dir. Hesperion XXI  (Alia Vox 2012) 24-88 PP

Savall Don Quijote de la Mancha, Romances y Músicas (2 CD, FLAC) PP

Savall Isabel I, Reina de Castilla (FLAC) P


Stereophile – Test CD 2 1992 PP

Stereophile – Test CD 3- 1995 PP

Stockfisch – Audiophile Recordings Vol. 1 – 3 (stereoplay Magazine CD’s) PP2

Taiwan Hi End Show 2008 PP3

Taiwan High-End Hi-Fi Show 1996 PP2

The All Star Percussion Ensemble – Harold Harberman

The World”s Greatest Audiophile Vocal Recordings (Chesky) (2006) (24bit-96kHz) PP

Tuck & Patti – The Best of Tuck & Patti (1994) PP

VA – Trumpet Masque – J – 24-96. Freeman Attwood

VA – Vibraciones del Alma – clarino e piano 24-192

VA Guang Zhou High-End Audio Vidsual Show 2005 (XRCD-SACD) PP





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