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Avalon Sentinel – Loudspeakers

Massimo Piantini on 21 aprile 2014 - 21:51 in Componenti, HiFi Dream, Loudspeakers

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Avalon Sentinel   – Price Eur 180.000,00.....See More


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Avalon Sentinel


Price Eur 180.000,00
Price Usd 120.000,00

Used eur 90.000,00


Avalon Sentinel II Review by Jack Liu of Audio Art Magazine
Avalon is finally successful. Why would I say such a thing? Does it mean that Avalon speakers were not great before? Otherwise, why would I say that it is just now successful? I hope the readers don’t misunderstand my meaning. What I really mean is that Avalon speakers have had the highest standard before. However, it still lacked one step to
perfection. But now, the Sentinel II has made that step.


avalon sentinel review
An Apple of the Sweetest Fragrance What is that step? It is the performance of low frequencies and extremely low frequencies.
Undoubtedly, we admit that Avalon speakers have had exceptional performance in soundquality, transient response, resolution, transparency & soundstaging. However, for the lowest frequency there was still one step to reach. We may have said that the Avalon was a very talented & intelligent lady before, but although it was very good-looking, it was not quite sexy enough. Now the lowest frequency is there, strongly attractive.



Avalon sentinel 10


In other words, I might have said that the Avalon was an unripe apple before, but now the Sentinel II is a mature fruit with a sweet fragrance. Many readers may still not have a clue what I am writing about. Is the editor telling a story or he is making an equipment review. If so, why has he not entered the topic so far? Please be patient. We will get there soon. I am very excited after listening to such great Loudspeakers. My image of Avalon has changed greatly. When I’m overly excited, I talk too much. So, let’s enter today’s topic. Vastly Different…See more



Avalon Acoustic

Design: 4-way, sealed floorstanding speaker
Hi-Frequency Driver(s) 1″ concave ceramic dome tweeter
Mid-Frequency Driver(s) 3″ concave ceramic dome midrange
Low-Frequency Driver(s) 9″ Nomex-Kevlar composite cone woofer
Bi-wire/Bi-amp Not supported
Frequency Response 16Hz – 100kHz (±1dB anechoic)
Sensitivity 88dB
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms (3.6 Ohms minimum)
Crossover Frequency data unavailable
Recommended Amplifier Power 100W – 1000W
Enclosure Type Sealed
Enclosure Material data unavailable



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Avalon sentinel system 8



Avalon sentinel system 6



Avalon sentinel system 7



Avalon sentinel system 4




Avalon sentinel system 3



Avalon sentinel system 2



Avalon sentinel system 1



Avalon sentinel system 5





Avalon sentinel 9




hifi dream 780pix avalon hifi time review












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