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Audio Note GakuOn Monoblock – Power Amplifiers

Massimo Piantini on 8 aprile 2014 - 21:13 in Amplifiers, Blog, Componenti, HiFi Dream, Video

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Audio Note GakuOn Monoblock Power Amplifiers – Price Usd 265.000,00 .....See More



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Audio Note Gaku-On Monoblock Power Amplifiers

Price Usd 265.000,00


Home Theater Review

Audio Note GakuOn  . Think about a nice little cottage, straight out of Lovejoy. Maybe a shiny Ferrari. School fees for you child’s entire pre-university education. Any of the above is available to you if you have a spare £128,000.

Or you could buy a pair of Audio Note Gaku-On monoblock power amplifiers.

Yes: £128,000. Unless I’m ill-informed, the GakuOn is the most expensive amplifier in the world. And for this kind of money, it should transport you to realms hitherto inaccessible outside of a live performance. It should also restore your hair if you’re bald, add tens of points to your IQ. Heal the sick, restore sight to the blind.



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Like most of you, I thought this was some kind of joke, an over-the-top piss-take. But never underestimate Peter Quortrop, a man so able to convince himself of the worth of his own claims that he will spend hours justifying this, this, this……See more


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Audio Note Gaku-On

Level Five, 45 watt Class A parallel single-ended no feedback mono triode power amplifiers with ultra simple fully transformer coupled circuit topology with in-house designed and wound input, driver and output transformers, all Audio Note™ silver wired, AN Perma 50 double C-cored, 2 watt Audio Note™ tantalum resistors, Black Gate™ WKz and NH type capacitors in power supply, Black Gate™ N-type decoupling capacitors, no signal coupling capacitors whatsoever (!), valve compliment, 4 x NOS VT4-C/211, 4 x NOS 5R4WGB, 2 x NOS VT25/10Y…. See more



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Product  211 Parallel single ended monaural amplifier

Rated Power        50W @1kHz, 5% THD

Frequency Response          12Hz ~ 20kHz (+0dB, -3dB @1W)

Input / Impedance             1pc (RCA, unbalanced) / 100kΩ

Output   speaker

Noise      Less than 1mV

Vacuum tube       211 x2, 6072 x1, 5687 x2, GZ34 x4

Power consumption           270W

Dimension            280mm(W) 242mm(H) 525mm(D) (excluding protrusions)

Weight   33kg



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Non Solo Audiofili

di Alfredo Di Pietro

Per chi come me ha dato fondo al suo repertorio di aggettivi ed iperboli per costruire dei mirabolanti racconti, recensioni “casalinghe” o piacevoli serate a casa di ospitali amici che siano arriva il momento di non avere più frecce al suo arco da scoccare. L’aggettivo dovrebbe avere il potere di evocare in chi legge le sensazioni di chi scrive, riportarne la soggettività, pensandoci bene però nessun impianto come quello di Pietro ha bisogno di epiteti iperbolici perchè questi invece di chiarire una sensazione, tentare di descrivere un’impressione sonora sono destinati a fallire miseramente nel loro scopo.





La netta impressione che ho ricevuto non appena entrato nella sala d’ascolto dell’amico Pietro è quella dell’incipit dell’Ulisse di James Joyce: “Introibo ad altare Dei”. Maestosa è la sala d’ascolto di 140 metri quadri, maestose le due enormi trombe delle Yamamura Churchill Dionisio 27, regali sono i due Audio Note GaKuOn poggiati su un bel tavolino sorretto da tre putti in bronzo, imponente è la figura di Pietro, un audiofilo di altissimo livello che sà con precisione che tipo di suono ottenere dal proprio impianto e come ottenerlo….Leggi tutto


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Sound and Vision

Audio Note Gaku-On Monoblock Power Amp

By Scott Wilkinson • Posted: Jun 15, 2010

When you consider the price of a power amp, it’s interesting to calculate the cost per watt. In that light, the GakuOn monoblock from British maker Audio Note and distributed in the US by Audio Federation is the most expensive power amp I know of.

The GakuOn’s output is relatively high for a tube-based amplifier—45 watts, which might seem skimpy compared with big solid-state amps, but it’s more than enough to get plenty of volume from high-efficiency speakers. The directly heated single-ended triode (SET) design operates in class A mode, which means the entire waveform is amplified by the same compliment of tubes—in this case, two NOS VT4-C/211s per channel operating in parallel….See more





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Positive Feedback

My Torrid Love Affair With The Ongaku!

Steve Rochlin

Ya know, it took me two days just to come up with that title. After all, what kinda kook buys an integrated amplifier instead of a home to live in… literally?! And why does such an amplifier transcend time and space in such a way as to make even the most die hard naysayers concede to its seduction? Furthermore, how do ya tell your mom you bought audio exotica instead of a home?!?!?! Enter into my fantasy world, where you too might find yourself being seduced by the music.


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After reading a review in a UK based magazine about the Audio Note Oto, i decided to buy it. It was a few grand, and my other amps were getting kinda old anyway. So off goes a call to Leonard Norwitz, Audio Note’s USA distributor at the time. At the end of the conversation i told ‘em that the Ongaku is really what i’d like but… SH’ YEAH, me and my big mouth. Leonard was waxing lyrically of how good the Ongaku is. Leonard, being the cool dude he is, sent me some literature. You could just hear how he truly loved the Ongaku for musical reasons. Being unsure of spending this kinda fundage on an amplifier, some reassurance from a local close friend of mine — we’ll call ‘Jim’ — was in order.



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Now Jim was a music lover himself. When i mentioned the Ongaku he said “Ongakwhat?”. It took a while to explain it to him. Now Jim is one of my closest, dearest, most kindest dudes i know who loves music. Sure, he himself delves deeply into this hobby. He listened patiently then asked a few questions. Things were going great until he asked “Well, how many watts is it?” Now you tell me, how does one explain that you’re gonna buy a piece of gear instead of a home, let alone one with only 27 watts per channel? “Twenty seven watts!” Jim exclaimed. Nowadays, 27 watts is a lot in single-ended land, but this was way before single-ended stuff was really known here in America as mainstream high-end audio. … See more


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EPSON DSC picture



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